It's that time again, time for a lame joke from Johnny U.  And today he had a couple of doozies.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw TSM St. Cloud
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw
TSM St. Cloud

Johnny comes in the studio and is wearing a mask, now that there is a mask mandate.  We told him that he didn't need to wear one when he is speaking, in a broadcast situation, but he said he didn't want to go against the mandate. Well, ok... have at 'er.

The first joke is political.  So, beware.   Depending on which side you are on, this one is either going to be really funny.... or not.

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The second joke is a golf joke.  Not surprising.  JU is on a golf league, and this is the way it goes pretty much until the golf season is over.  Luckily, this is one of those sports that was brought back during this pandemic rather early.  It's easy to social distance and still have a good time with friends.

So, golf it is.  Here is how this went:

And you gotta admire the John Deere Mask.  If you have to wear one, you might as well make some sort of fashion statement, right?  He has even learned how to wear one without having it fog up his glasses. Note in the video, he has the mask under his glasses.  That seems to work so you don't fog up the ol' spectacles.

Until next week- JU will be back in again with another set of lame jokes for Lame Joke Friday.  Maybe he's taking the "lame joke" name a bit too seriously.

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