It's Friday again, with in our world happens to be Lame Joke Friday.  On  our own staff happens to be the "aspiring comedian" Johnny U.  He comes in each week to see if he has some jokes that will actually get us to laugh.  Now, full disclosure, I didn't get enough sleep last night.  So, my judgement might be a bit skewed.  It makes me react much like it would if I had a hangover.  I don't know why those two would be similar, but here we are.


The first joke (he always has 2 to tell us) was about his "drinking buddy" and what happened when he arrived home.  Things can get a bit tricky, depending on what is going on and how you act when you get home after a night of taking in possibly a bit too much of the drink.  The second is about a census taker. We are in that year... the year 2020 when we get to count ALL OF US.  But this story happens to be in the South.  Things can be a bit different there than they are here in the Northern part of the country.

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Johnny U, in his rare delivery gave us these offerings:

Ok, we know. These are not great. And in my defense... as mentioned above, by judgement on what is funny and what isn't might not be the best today in my sleep-deprived state.  I thought the second one was kind of funny...actually both of them got me snickering a bit.

I will let you be the actual judge of these, however.  Let us know what you think.

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