In the three weeks since its release, 'Metallica Through the Never' has taken in only $3.2 million. However, drummer Lars Ulrich says that he isn't ready to declare it a flop just yet.

"That remains to be seen!" he told the Quietus. "Ask me when I come back and talk about the new record two years from now ... It’s slightly more complicated than that, and that kind of breaking it down to absolutes really doesn’t interest me."

'Metallica Through the Never' cost a reported $18 million to film, nearly six times its box-office gross. Metal Sucks offers a few reasons why it has so far failed to capture the public's imagination, despite the heavy promotional budget and the band's status. Still, the recently engaged Ulrich doesn't seem too bothered by the receipts, knowing that it will pay off in the long run.

"This is another chapter in Metallica’s existence, and I’m sure that if we don’t make all the money back, then, I dunno, [we will in] T-shirt sales seven years down the line," he said. "Something good will come in the wake of these projects. It’s just sort of how we roll."

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