Oops, you did it again. The Halloween parties are hap-hap-happening and you forgot to put a costume together. Have no fear (or do, it's Halloween after all), Choad's here to help a Loonatic out!

These last-minute costumes require stuff you probably already have, and are guaranteed to not only be good...they're good enough!


1) Tourist

Break out that tacky shirt, dad shorts, sandals WITH socks, visor (bonus points if it has a bad hairdo attached to it), and a camera (even more bonus points if it's an old disposable camera). A splotch of sunscreen on your nose completes this adequate outfit. If you're bald you can claim to be Johnny Depp from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

2) Mummy

There are a couple ways to pull this off. If you have a bunch of old white-ish t-shirts, just cut them into strips and wrap yourself up. If you're rich, you can use toilet paper. Just be sure to wear SOMETHING underneath.

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3) Lumberjack/jill

We're Minnesotans, so we already have an abundance of flannel. Borrow your kid's toy axe to complete the ensemble. If you have an overabundance of old flannel, cut them into strips and be a Lumberjack Mummy.

4) Bank Robber

Got black clothing? Boom. Bundle up a black shirt for a makeshift loot bag.

5) Barbie/Ken

It's THE trending costume this year, but all you need are bright everything and rollerblades.

6) Walk of Shame

Easy! Throw on some dress clothes and dishevel yourself! Smear makeup on your face or collar and walk around barefoot while holding your dress shoes. Nailed it!

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