Be ready for a violent non-stop action ride watching this film. Great acting, based on a true story of the Bondurant brothers during the prohibition period.

I thought the movie was good but if you have a weak stomach you'll be turning your head, hence the name 'Lawless' .

A good cast starring Shia LaBeof (the youngest Bondurant brother), Tom Hardy ( Forrest Bonurant, bootlegger extraordinaire), Guy Pierce (the lunatic lawman from Chicago) and Jessica Chastain ( Ex-Dancer).

As in a lot of films the movie is a little off base compared to the true story but you'll get the idea. Times back then lead to a very hard life for some especially those into moonshine running, pure and simple it was illegal. Those that lasted through the harsh life of work they chose made good money,no doubt; but their lives would never be the same.

The is some bright side to the movie in the way of Love that materialized and some comedy, but there was a price to pay to achieve that.

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