A while ago there was talk about doing a sequel to "The Big Lebowski". I, along with many other fans, thought this was not a good idea and thankfully the Coen brothers never had any intention of doing it. Some things should just be left alone.

So then there was talk of a 'spin off'. It would be based the "The Jesus" character from Lebowski. The Coen brothers did give John Turturro permission to do it (he also directed it), but I was immediately skeptical. There were many questions. Who's going to be in it? What's it going to be about? And are either of the Coen brothers involved?

That last question is an important one. If you are going to do a film tied to The Big Lebowski, at least one Coen has to have their hands on it in some way. Well, one does. Ethan Coen did some of the character writing so that gives me some hope.

The rest of the cast looks impressive. It includes Christopher Walken, Jon Hamm, Susan Sarandon and J.B. Smoove.

The trailer doesn't give us much of anything other than that famous tongue licking of the bowling ball. We'll just have to hope it's good. But I'm not holding my breath.

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