Led Zeppelin holds very tight reigns on who uses their music and for what and they've now licensed their music for use on a new NBC drama. 

There are a lot of new shows on TV this fall and one of the biggest is on NBC. The show is called Revolution and one of the master minds behind it is well known sci-fi producer, writer and director J.J. Abrams who you may know from Lost, Alias, Star Trek and Mission: Impossible.

Revolution shows what the U.S. would be like 15 years after some unknown phenomenon happens that disables electricity and all devices that are powered by it and America is thrust into a post-apocalyptic state. It's actually kind of a cool show but it's a little scary to see what everything would be like without functioning technology.

The upcoming episode of Revolution will feature Kashmir and Since I've Been Loving You and quite frankly I'm shocked they're even allowing this, but the guys must be fans of the show as they don't allow a lot of commercial use of their music. The most notable ones are the use of Rock n' Roll by GM for their Cadillac campaign, Good Times Bad Times in the movie The Fighter and Immigrant Song in School of Rock and that only happened because Jack Black and the thousand extras on scene begged them to use it.

The episode will air on Monday night at 9pm and is set to coincide with the release of their Celebration Day concert film.