Slash may not be able to get along with Axl Rose, but that doesn't means he doesn't understand the value of friendship; in fact, Lemmy counted on his kindness while recovering from the medical woes that derailed Motorhead's tour plans last year.

Lemmy looked back on his health scare during a recent interview with Rolling Stone, admitting he felt guilty about having to stop partway through a German concert last August. "I felt really bad about that, but there was nothing I could do," he sighed, and pointed to Motorhead's upcoming return to Wacken, where the incident occurred, as a highlight of the band's current tour schedule, saying, "I'm looking forward to making that right."

He also discussed his post-surgery rehab period in Los Angeles, during which he says he gave up smoking, cut down on his drinking, and spent a lot of time catching up with Slash. "He was at my house more than he's ever been before, encouraging me," he explained. "He's a really f---ing good guy."

Now that he's on the mend, Lemmy's looking forward to getting back on the road -- and resuming rocking for "as long as I can." As he told RS, "You kind of owe it to the people that put you up here. You should deliver. But if I can't deliver, I'm never going to be a figurehead up there and just play for money. I could never do that. I've seen people do it, and it's just frightful. ... I'm old, you know. In two years I'm 70, which is ridiculous. How did that happen to me?"

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