Midwestern convenience store chain Kwik Trip has one of the best Rewards programs around. Every visit adds up, the app has a bunch of great offers and you can get some pretty significant discounts on gas by using them as well.

If this sounds like an ad, I apologize. I actually refused to sign up for Kwik Trip's rewards program for a long time despite it being my go-to stop most mornings on my way to work. It was only a couple of months ago that I took the plunge and I have been very pleased with how it has paid off so far.

With that being said, the Rewards app has had some significant issues this past week and people seem to be taking it out on the hourly employees behind the counter.

Believe me when I say, if they could have it fixed they would! They are on your side here!

Photo: Lauren Wells/TSM
Photo: Lauren Wells/TSM

According to users on r/KwikTrip (Reddit), the outage reaches far beyond the app itself and is affecting the stores' phone system, internet, company-wide email and more.

It's natural to be a bit frustrated when things don't go as planned. Personally, I am sitting on a $.75/gallon gas discount that I can't use. However, it is important to put the problem in perspective and not get too upset with the folks who are trying to help you out.

Per Reddit user ZeldaMaster501, these are the systems being affected and those that are not:

  • Network Issues: The disruptions are occurring because all company data routed through the store computers is being encrypted and sent straight to HQ via a VPN. With HQ down, several systems like price changes, KwikNet, Kwik Delivery, ordering, store phones, DoorDash/Uber Eats, and loyalty rewards are offline. (I am unsure if giftcards/ carwash giftcards are functional or not).
  • Unaffected Services: Services such as ATM, EBT, SNAP, Lottery, Carwash, and Debit/Credit card transactions remain unaffected as they operate on a different subnet and do not route to Kwik Trip HQ.
  • Payroll and Clocking: Payroll operations remain unaffected, and clocking in and out can be done on the mobile app, although BRANCH and their "get paid after every shift program" was not functioning.
  • Management Communication: Stores received printouts from company truck drivers with instructions from HQ on using the service portal for communication, performing price changes for fuel, running special promos to adjust prices, and other management information. Guests attempting to use their rewards cards are advised to "just press ok".
  • Product Availability: Some stores may experience a shortage of certain products due to ordering disruptions. For instance, my store had only 8 croissants and 2 floor packs of hamburger buns left. However, we (and many other stores) are still honoring Monday's promo items, with $1.69 burritos and $3.99 Bacon Angus/ Mushroom and Swiss still available (while supplies last).
  • Warehouse Operations: The fresh totes, which were packed differently than usual, and milk crates had all handwritten store and route numbers. This suggests that the warehouse operations are currently experiencing difficulties, and it is more than likely everything is being done by hand from packing to labeling without the aid of computer systems.

While there have been some theories about WHY the outage is happening, the company itself has kept the reason close to the vest.

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