The game of Monopoly is a timeless classic, spawning millions of fights among formerly cordial family members since its introduction in 1935. There have been a ton of spinoffs, McDonald's contests, video games and merchandise based on the game.

While there have been a lot of variations on the board itself in the last 88 years, the main Monopoly board features streets and landmarks from Atlantic City, New Jersey.

During my family's latest knock down, drag-out brawl game of Monopoly last week, I wondered what a St. Cloud-based board would look like.

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(Sidebar- did you know there was a game made in 1982 that was sort of similar to Monopoly called "All About St. Cloud Game?" It's pretty neat to see all the old landmarks from back then scattered around the board!)


Without further ado, I present to you the St. Cloud, Minnesota Monopoly board:

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It was a lot of fun to try and brainstorm the different spots and landmarks to include in the 'game,' and to then decide which value to assign them. It was a challenge to include ONLY St. Cloud landmarks without dipping into Sartell, Waite Park and Sauk Rapids stuff, like the Quarries or The Ledge Amphitheater.

Also, yes, I realize that the community chest and tax spots are empty... I just ran out of ideas and I am happy to hear suggestions... just comment on our Facebook page!

So, what did I miss? Who is ranked too high, or too low? Would you want to play this game?

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