It's been a long time coming, say 11 years since Boston's last album, eight years had passed between each of the three albums prior to that. So let the countdown begin as December 3rd is rapidly approaching for the new album, 'Life, Love and Hope.'

Boston, Life,Love, Hope LP, YouTube

Boston has a 37 year history but only five studio albums, seems something wrong with that picture, but the new album will be their sixth.

Prior to his death Brad Delp (suicide in 2007) had already recorded quite a few tracks for the upcoming album. The new album will have several featured vocalists making an appearance.

11 songs on the album three of which are remastered/rearranged tracks from previous albums of the band.

So few albums yet a long history suggest the band is more into quality versus quantity, which has been a successful formula.

A sample of the new Boston album, 'Life, Love and Hope':