A brand new Christmas movie has been filmed right here in Minnesota! Yay! I just watched the trailer for a new holiday movie called fittingly, "Merry Kiss Cam." The show premiered on Hulu over the Thanksgiving weekend, and if you didn't catch it, features lots of Minnesota business locations around the Duluth area. Catch the trailer below.

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It stars Jesse Bradford, who was in "Bring It On" and "Swimfan," and Katie Lowes from "Scandal," and "Super 8."   It's a romantic comedy with a Minnesota Twist, and the fact that it involves a Kiss Cam, just makes it extra Minnesota Sportsfan special.

The Upper Midwest Film Office says that there are many Duluth businesses you might see in the movie, including Lincoln Park, Carmody Irish Pub, Fitzgers Brewery Complex, and many more.

Bailey Stendor, a Duluth native, is also featured in this movie as a member of the supporting cast. Bailey is known for her roles in iCarly, Bunk'd and will be featured in Wolf Pack in 2023.


Merry Kiss Cam is now streaming on Hulu so don't forget to watch it and look for all the great Minnesota locations in the Duluth area throughout the movie. Also, be watching for Bailey Stendor, who surely may become a huge star next year when she appears in Wolf Pack.

I have not yet seen the movie, but after watching the trailer, I can tell you that it appears to be about a bartender at a sports bar that meets this woman who just happens to come in for a drink, and they seemingly hit it off. He is intrigued by his conversation with her, and after she leaves a business card with a drawing of him on the back, he goes on an internet search to find the mysterious woman. Eventually, he finds her and asks her on a date.

The movie is based on that first date, going to a sporting event in Minnesota and being caught on a Kiss Cam at a sporting event, and not knowing what to do since it's their first date. Apparently, they kiss and the team wins, thus; for the rest of the show everyone in this town thinks they are the good luck charms for their team.  It looks adorably cute and we can probably easily figure out how this story ends but isn't it what we all want anyway?


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