Take it from me, I know how hard it is to stay in shape. I’m 24 but I have the metabolism of a 50 year old. Just to maintain my current weight I have to constantly keep up with my calorie intake. I also can’t seem to stop drinking delicious, fattening beer and eating chicken wings.

As you can clearly see, that leaves me in a mighty fine predicament. I’m stuck in health limbo. Not to mention, I hate going to the gym, so I have that going for me. While researching ways to lose my beer gut I stumbled onto an event called “SWEAT. SIP. PLAY.” by Fitbit at The Foshay in Minneapolis.

It’s a series of free monthly workouts led by fitness leaders in the community. The program is a high heart-pumping, high-intensity, power workout that merges yoga, aerobics, and dance. Admission to the class is free but Fitbit local workouts are first come, first serve to the public. An Eventbrite ticket does not guarantee your spot in the class. You can check out “SWEAT. SIP. PLAY.” tonight (March 9th) from 6:15 PM to 9 PM.

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