Johnny Depp premiered the new 'Lone Ranger' trailer to a live audience in Las Vegas today and even stuck around to answer some questions with the fans. Only problem? We're not in Las Vegas. We're gonna guess you aren't either but we've got good news: we have the new 'Lone Ranger' trailer for you right here, in HD and you don't have to leave your computer to see it.

You would think that a movie that cost almost $200 million and reunites the creative team - star Johnny Depp, director Gore Verbinksi and producer Jerry Bruckheimer - from the massively successful 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise, 'Lone Ranger' would have a little more buzz. But this is the biggest 2013 summer movie no one is talking about.

Westerns haven't had much success in Hollywood recently (just ask 'Cowboys & Aliens') but maybe this Johnny Depp take on the western is exactly what the genre needs? And this new 'Lone Ranger' trailer...ain't that bad.

Sure it's a little odd to hear Johnny Depp talk in a Native American accent and Helena Bonham Carter talking in a Southern accent but OK, we can look past that. One thing is for sure: this movie looks BIG. There is action set-piece after action set-piece. Shootouts on trains, explosions, trains flying off cliffs, jumping off bridges and women with pistols in the heels of their high heel shoes. Well, if you're gonna spend $200 million on a movie, you might as well leave it all up on the screen.

Oddly after watching this trailer, we still don't know much of what it's about. There were early reports that the film revolved around werewolves (and the shot of the young boy at the beginning throwing a silver bullet seems to support that notion) but there were certainly no wolfmen to be found here.

Check out the 'Lone Ranger' trailer below and let us know what you think about this movie.

'The Lone Ranger' hits theaters on July 3.

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