I always experience some slight panic when the traffic light turns yellow just before I hit the intersection. Do I stop in a most awkward manner or floor it and blast through the light? And if I do stop, is the guy behind me getting set to blast through the light right behind me?

I've always maintained that the yellow light is too short and a guy named Mats Jarlstrom agrees with me.

Mats' wife got busted by a traffic cam, going through a yellow that turned red before she made it through. Mats argued the yellow was too short and with roads and cars now days, the yellow light should be lengthened.


BTW, Mats studied electrical engineering is Sweden and decided to take his proposal to the Institute of Transportation Engineers.  They are the ones that set official traffic light guidelines for 90 countries.

Mats claims with with modern roads and cars, that it makes sense to extend yellow lights from 3.2 seconds to 4.5 seconds. If his proposal is accepted, yellow lights around the world will be longer.

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