A few weeks ago JCPenney annouced that they would start a chapter 11 bankruptcy and would be closing stores as part of a restructuring project.  Penney's is one of those places that as a kid we would go to St. Cloud and that would be one of the main stops.

JC Penney To Permanently Mark Down Merchandise By 40 Percent
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At that time (in the 70s) JCPenney was one of the big anchor stores.  AND it's 2 levels.  There aren't any of the other stores in the Crossroads mall that is 2 levels. And as a kid, that was cool.  Our two main stops in the mall would be Penney's and Daytons (at the time).  It wasn't until the 80s that Target and that whole wing was added and that was a big deal at the time.

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Having the idea that JCPenney would be leaving the Crossroads Mall is almost like having an icon leave the mall.  What in the world would they do with all that space?

Luckily, the St Cloud location will be staying...for now.  Hopefully that will continue to be a staple in the Crossroads Mall.  The Texas based company said that they will start the closures later this month, June 12th with their closing sales.  Usually when this happens, they do sell a lot of their inventory, but many of the items are shipped to other stores that will remain open.

Last night we walked through the Penney's in St. Cloud.  The shutdown happened in March, so a lot of winter items are still available, and at a great deal!  So, if you are looking for deals, now is the time to shop. One of the more depressing sections that I saw was the juniors department.  All of the prom dresses were there... like A LOT of prom dresses.  Prom didn't happen this year, at least in the conventional way, so all of that inventory is still there.  If you want to get a jump on next year, now is the time to get some of those dresses.

There may be more closures in the coming months, but for now... St. Cloud store will remain open.

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