Onward and upward, or is it actually downsizing?

Walking past this store front which used to be the location for Bed Bath and Beyond in St Cloud, it was hard to not notice that there was a new store front going up, and construction on the inside of the store.  I actually asked the people working on the building as to what was going to be moving into this location.  He said he really didn't know other than it was "Bloomington Brands".  That was what was on all of his work orders.

This took some more looking into to find some more information.  After calling the city of St. Cloud to ask about permits being pulled, because you have to do that in order to work on the building, as they obviously are, and it sounds like (could be) it's a new spot for Burlington, formerly Burlington Coat Factory.  Maybe.

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Burlington in St. Cloud is currently in the former Cub Foods, then former Cash Wise location on 33rd Avenue across from Costco.  That location is huge.  If you have been into Burlington recently, it's a giant space that isn't really being totally utilized.  It looks as though you could fit everything in that store into a smaller space.  That could be what is happening.  It would make sense.

Question is this - are they downsizing or are they adding another location?  Calls to Burlington have not been returned. So we don't know for sure if this is what is happening or not.

So for right now, this will have to remain to speculation until there is more information released.

How would you feel about Burlington moving into the former Bed Bath and Beyond location? IF that is what is happening.

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