Rolling Stone Magazine... do they know what they are talking about?  They made a list of the 100 great guitarists.  You, as Loon listeners had quite the reaction to that list.  Many of those reactions and comments regarded Prince, and how he should have been included in at least the top 20...

" PRINCE SHOULD DEFINITELY BE ON HERE!", "Brian May and Prince should be on this list!", "Prince needs to be on this list", "Prince isn't even on the list? This list is bulls**t",  There were several other strong opinions, but that done was the most common.  

I also pose the question, should the "great guitarists" list be limited to what is mostly rock as a genre?  Should any country artists be included... Keith Urban or Brad Paisley?  Just a thought to throw a curve ball into the mix.

And I also think this list has to do with what was innovative at the time.  A comment was made on the thread on Facebook that a '12 year old girl can now play Eruption" but does that mean that it was an awesome creation by Eddie Van Halen?  If someone played the National Anthem now... the way Jimi Hendrix did in the 60s would that be as big of a deal?  Probably not.  But back then it was much of a "wow".

Maybe the time of the guitarist has much to do with the consideration of "greatness".

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