When old become new, or when you would like to repurpose something, an auction is a great place to find some very unique items.  Things that you could use in a unique lawn decor design, or a household item, and sometimes it's really fun to see what people make out of ordinary things.  Things that you can now see in a whole new light.

That might be what will happen in this situation.  Maybe.

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There is an auction happenng now with some old pieces from past Minnesota State Fairs.  If you are interested, you could score some really fun and unique things.

From Bring Me the News:

Carnival ride and roller coaster carts, ferris wheel seats, pinball machines, century-old parade costumes and hundreds of other historic artifacts from the Minnesota State Fair are on the auction market. 

Some of these things on the auction block would take a lot of imagination to create something else out of it.  Others, like some signs and such would just be a great wall hanging.  Especially if you are a huge state fair enthusiast.

Auction Masters, based in Falcon Heights, announced the auction and has around 400 items on the block ready for bidding.

The official site opened on Tuesday and will remain open until February 27th  at 1pm.  So there is plenty of time to get your bit in.  The site lists this as to what types of items you can find up for bid:

MN State Fair Memorabilia, Surplus Equipment & More

So, if you are interested... get to bidding!  You have plenty of time.

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