I've been reading about stuff like this for the last couple of years and the possibilities for treatment of depression, alcoholism and several other things looks promising in the future.

A Minnesota cannabis company, Goodness Growth is in the planning stages of conducting clinical research into plant based psychedelics, such as psilocybin derived from certain mushrooms. We used to call them "Magic Mushrooms" back in the day.

According to goodnessgrowth.com psychedelic medicine is the wave of the future and in the last decade CBD, and cannabis have shown promising results in the treatment of many different things.

Resurgent Biosciences will be doing the heavy lifting on this research for Goodness Growth. Resurgent Biosciences is the company's research and development branch.

“I believe that psychedelics may transform psychiatric medicine over the next few decades, and I’m very inclined to give my team at Resurgent the chance to pursue opportunities in that space,” said Goodness Growth chairman and CEO Dr. Kyle Kingsley.

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This company has been looking into the treatment possibilities of psychedelics for years and pretty much just waiting for the evidence produced to come out.

“I wanted to wait for a kind of threshold of evidence to make sure this was a real opportunity, and that it would be real medicine for people” he said. “It’s gone beyond that. It’s really sort of exceeded my expectations as far as the therapeutic potential of psychedelics.”

Studies will be concentrated on "naturally derived" psilocybin from mushrooms. A study release from John Hopkins University last November showed significant improvement among people with depression who were treated with psilocybin.

“It could change the paradigm from people taking a pill every day or multiple times a day to just sort of a few therapeutic interventions — as few as maybe one or two a year,” he said. “That’s what I’m excited about — these paradigm shifts.”

Goodness Growth in one of the first, if not the first cannabis company to be undertaking studies on the medical benefits of psychedelics.

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