If anything that came from this band it was three great guitarists, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck   and Jimmy page, which created for these three a spot in classic rock immortality from 1963 to the present.

This band broke ground for psychedelic rock, yet broke ground for some great guitar tricks and techniques for the electric guitar then and now.

Interesting enough In 1995 the founding members members Jim McCarty (drums) and Chris Dreja (rhythm guitar/bass) did what a lot would hope to do and that is bring the band to life once again after 25 years since the band dis-banded.

The new 'Yardbirds' released a new studio album in 2003 and did the tour thing pretty extensively  which produced five live albums.

The latest is 'Making Tracks' which happens to be a two-disc set which includes a film documenting their tour and a variety of live performances.

Now keep in mind they are not a 'Greatest hits' type band but their set list contains that the original band is known for like that of "Heart Full of Soul", "For Your Love", I'm A Man" , and "Train Kept A Rollin'", yet you can still get a sample of their new modern stuff.

However you look at it there is still that unique mix of great of hard rock and not to mention that good old 12=bars blues that the 'Yardbirds' are known for.

Available on DVD and enjoy what's to expect in the attached video.



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