Welcome to a case of "pick your Santa" at the Mall of America if you plan to bring your kids to visit Santa ahead of the Christmas holiday.

Normally there has been one Santa that everyone gets to see, put in their requests for their Christmas wishes and then move on.  The Mall of America decided to change things up a bit this year.  There will actually be six different Santas to choose from.  You need to schedule your visit ahead of time with the appropriate Santa for your kids.

There will even be two bi-lingual Santas. One who speaks Spanish and one who speaks Cantonese.  You can go to their website, check out all of the Santas, there is a description for each one, and they all have a special store that coincides with their time at the Mall of America.  So you can "shop their store".

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Also, when you do go to the website, you will have the option of visiting in person or virtually.  You can shop the store online. Those will open on the 19th, this Saturday.  You will be able to shop for your photo, a video and any sort of merchandise that you may want either online or in person.  Totally up to you and what works for your schedule.

There are also different levels of pricing.  This is pertaining to the photos that you would like.  There are choices of just your kids with Santa or the whole family.  You can check out those pricing levels on the website.  First glance at the website looks like pricing ranges from $30.99 to $120.99. There also some a la carte options with add ons.

So, if you are planning to head to the Mall of America during the holiday season, schedule a visit with the Santa of your choice.  It might be really fun!

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