It surprises me just a bit that anyone even noticed. I mean, you can expect to see just about anything when making a trek to the Mart.


This happened last week in Wapheton, North Dakota just across the river from Breckenridge, Minnesota. A man was spotted doing some "casual" shopping at Walmart.

Perhaps he was shopping for a new wardrobe. It is kind of a pain having to remove your clothes to try some new stuff on. Or maybe, he just forgot to get dressed.  It could happen. haven't we all just forgotten to get dressed before leaving the house?

At any rate, He seemed to escape capture and is on the loose, so to speak. Perhaps. he'll show up at a Walmart near you.

Years ago, Laura and I had a naked guy come into the studio to win some We Fest tickets. We asked on air "What's the craziest thing you'd do for We Fest tickets?". Sure enough, this guy walks into the radio station butt naked and walks back to the studio. Funniest part is, he was a bus driver and just parked in our lot, disrobed and walked right into the station. He won the tickets.

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