Most of us has had a parent or known someone that moved into a retirement home. With the average cost of a retirement home at about $188 a day, this guy found a good alternative. And it's as close as your nearest Holiday Inn.

This guy named Terry Robison, was on the brink of retirement. He checked out retirement homes in his area and thought "Wow, I could stay in a hotel much cheaper with better accommodations. Terry found that a long term stay at a Holiday Inn would cost him just over $59 a day. That would leave him over $128 dollars a day for meals in the restaurant, room service, laundry, gratuities and movie rentals in his room.


Terry also likes the pool, spa, workout room and <of course, the bar. He also likes the free toothpaste, razors, shampoo, soap and fresh towels. Plus he can move to any Holiday Inn in the country, giving him the opportunity to travel and escape Winters.

Sounds like Terry has it all figured out. The best part he says is they treat you like a customer and not a patient.

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