Authorities say the man arrested at the Como Zoo for indecent exposure has been sentenced.

Wallace Lynn Moore, 67 was observed in a Como Zoo restroom masturbating and later arrested in the conservatory area. He got 2 years probation and 90 day jail sentence, with credit for time served.  The remaining 85 days were stayed for 2 years and will probably be waived as long as he doesn't violate his probation and hold any more impromptu puppet shows in public.


He pleaded guilty to one count of indecent exposure. Moore's previous arrests were for criminal sexual conduct in '85, '87 and 1991, as well as kidnapping that same year.

I have to admit that when I saw the headline about indecent exposure at the zoo, my first thought was he was comparing trunks with the elephants.

Maybe they should just put him in a cage at the zoo and put a sign up "HUMAN PERVERT".


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