When Seth MacFarlane was announced as the host of the 2013 Oscars we wondered whether MacFarlane would bring some of his more famous characters to the big show. Well we won't have to wait until February 24 to find out. Star Mark Wahlberg confirmed that he and "Ted" will appear together on stage at the 2013 Oscars.

While making an appearance on Anderson Live - Anderson Cooper's now-canceled afternoon talk show - Wahlberg revealed that, yes, they are working on a 'Ted 2' but that it won't take that long before you see him and his stuffed friend reunited. Says Wahlberg, "Ted and I will be appearing at the Oscars."

Wahlberg didn't go into details on whether they would be presenting an award or appearing in a pre-filmed skit, but it wouldn't be the first time an animated character appeared live at the Oscars. Heck, in 1955 Donald Duck hosted the Oscars.

While many people loved 'Ted' (clearly, the film has grossed over $500 million worldwide), there are as many people who didn't like it and even hated it. Is the addition of Ted to Seth MacFarlane's plans for the 2013 Oscars proof that he's going to rely on classic characters and is that a good thing? We'd rather he branch out and try some new jokes instead of Ted/Peter Griffin/Stewie material but then again, we probably preferred a world where Seth MacFarlane wasn't our 2013 Oscars host.

What do you think? Are you excited for Seth MacFarlane to host the 2013 Oscars and Ted and Mark Wahlberg to reunite on stage?

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