I'll be honest - Winter is my least favorite time of year.  The season is just greedy.  We have four seasons in Minnesota, and they are all supposed to last about 3 months.  And honestly, most of them do... well Winter sometimes can last for 6 months.  That means that the other 3 seasons have to be packed into the other half of the year.  So, Winter, please just stay in your lane.

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Anyway, to make things a little more bearable during the winter season, there are some fun things to look forward to.  One of which is the annual Joetown Winter Walk.

If you haven't experienced Winter Walk yet, mark your calendar for December 1st, It is a Friday, and it begins at 4pm and will go until 8pm.  Perfect thing to do after work and to kick off your weekend.

What can you expect?

Joetown Winter Walk includes these events, taken from their Facebook page. 

Basically, there is something for everyone.  And you can pick and choose which events you'd like to attend, or go to all of them.  Make an evening of it, and pretend your are in a Hallmark movie scene.  Grab some hot chocolate... or a holiday brew.  Your choice.

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