The Timberwolves need to win 3 games in a row to avoid elimination AND to advance to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history. We're so jaded as a Minnesota sports fanbase that most of the fairweather fans have already jumped ship.

If they pull it off, awesome! Call LL Cool J and don't call it a comeback! If not...well, at least one of our 4 major sports teams have won a championship...even if the last one was 1991. If only the WNBA was considered a "major sport", because then the Minnesota championship drought wouldn't be nearly as bad. I still count it, Lynx!

2013 WNBA Finals - Game Three
IT WAS A DYNASTY!! (Getty Images)

The Twins - technically - have three World Series championships as a franchise (the first was in 1924 as the Washington Senators). The Vikings have been the bridesmaid (but never the bride) four times, while the North Stars made (but lost) the Stanley Cup finals twice. The Timberwolves got to the NBA Western Conference Finals once before, but couldn't overcome the referees Lakers to move onto the Finals.

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In case you didn't know why a team in Los Angeles is called the Lakers, they were once the Minneapolis Lakers (after being the Detroit Gems). They won the 1948 National Basketball League championship.

We're taking the scenic route here, but my point is: it could be worse. We could be as bad as these cities that have NEVER won the big one.

Cities That Haven't Won a Major Championship...Ever

Charlotte, North Carolina

Hornets? Nope. Bobcats? Nope. Hornets again? Nope again. The Carolina Panthers reached the Super Bowl twice, but lost both times.

Nashville, Tennessee

The Tennessee Titans reached the Super Bowl once, but lost. The Nashville Predators hockey team made the Stanley Cup finals once, but lost.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Remember the classic battles between the Utah Jazz and the Chicago Bulls in the 1997 and 1998 NBA Finals? The Bulls won both, and the Jazz haven't been to the finals since.

Orlando, Florida

Two NBA Finals appearances by the Orlando Magic resulted in two NBA Finals losses.

Doesn't that make you feel better? No? Me, neither.

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