The CDC is recommending that people wear masks while in public.  Not everywhere is requiring them, but it seems like more and more businesses are getting on board with requiring employees to wear them, along with customers.  I personally have seen more and more at grocery stores, and less at some other businesses.

Make and distribute masks
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We are all required to wear them at salons, and places where it's difficult if not impossible to social distance from eachother.

So, if you need to wear a mask, why wear a boring one?  I have a boring one, and I feel like it might be more fun to have one that makes people happy to look at...maybe even smile at the image on the mask.

Enter this website that I found called  They have themed masks.  One group is the Kraft favorite foods one.  They have masks featuring Mac and Cheese, Heinz ketchup, a macaroni smile noodle, The Kool-Aid guy and more.  I personally like the Kool-Aid guy.  But there are so many others to choose from.  If you were a fan of the 90s show 90210, like I was, they have the logo masks, the cast and Dylan McKay- AKA Luke Perry (RIP).

But they do have some more masculine ones too if Beverly Hills 90210 wasn't your thing. Check them all out here.

Of course, the debate does continue... to mask or not to mask.  But generally, wearing a mask does seem to lessen the chance of spreading the virus.  I know people are saying that they can be a health hazard, but it seems that the pros are outweighing the cons.

Be healthy!

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