WAITE PARK -- There's a new dining experience you will soon be able to sink your teeth into.

Maverick's Steaks and Cocktails is opening inside the two-hotel complex in Waite Park. Restaurant Director Tim Cullers says it's been a long time coming and they are excited to open the doors.

It's been about a year and a half to get to this point. With the two hotels and the event center it's been a big project and has certainly taken some time.

The restaurant offers a modern take on a traditional bbq/steakhouse joint, while inside a unique atmosphere with the freshest food and drinks.

The steaks we hand cut, the cocktails we will do a lot of craft cocktails and use a lot of Minnesota distilled liquors and we will have 24 craft beer taps behind the bar.

Cullers says in the dining room, a cool feature for guests will be the sushi bar and the wine closet.

Maverick's will seat about 250 people between the bar and dining room.

Cullers says they take pride in customer service so whether you're looking for a good time after work or a date night with your significant other, they hope Maverick's soon makes the top of your list.

People after a hard week want to go out and take a load off and hopefully we will be able to offer that here.

Maverick's Steaks and Cocktails will open for dinner Monday.


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