This just might be the coolest voice acting gig I've ever had. I had the opportunity to become a 'bad guy' in a new video game that was just released called Huntdown. It's available on Nintendo Switch, PS4. XBox One and Epic Games Store.

Andreas Olsson
Andreas Olsson


There are four areas in the game. My character is Nadja Drago, She is the second Boss of the second area..and boy! Is she full of herself. Huntdown is getting some awesome reviews from the Press and Streamers alike, which really got me excited to be apart of a video game.  I'm that big curly blonde haired hockey player in hot pink.

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Out of all the voice projects I've worked on through the years, this was harder than you can imagine. It was hard on the vocal chords.. All the rough sounding gut sounds..and the voice for this character herself was really gruff and rough...not the way I usually use my voice. I was hoarse for a couple days after giving this character life.


Now you have to listen carefully to know it's actually me! I have a lot of "getting hit in the gut" some great one liners.  I think I'm supposed to be Russian....It's a video you decide.

You can definitely tell that this character believes in herself to the max...too bad she's on the wrong side of the law. I have alot of great one liners, and make a lot of gutteral sounds as players successfully hit me. Ouch!

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Here is the note I received from Tommy who hired me for the gig:

Hi Kelly,

I hope everything is well with you and your family in these difficult times. I promised to let you know when Huntdown was playable so you could surprise your son!

Well Huntdown is now out and we're getting awesome reviews from press and streamers globally. Big thanks for your awesome performance, the players are having a blast when they're confronting the bad-to-the-bones "Nadja Drago" boss in red armor. Here's the scene so you can recognize it:

So there's 4 areas in the game. You're the second boss of the second area. And you're beating players around the world with your hockey stick, how do you feel about that? =)

You can scroll down on this page to see on which platforms Huntdown is available at:

Thanks Kelly!

Kind regards,



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