When you’re a teenager, drinking booze is really just a way to party and have fun with your friends (not that that completely goes away as an adult.) But personally I’ve discovered over the past few years that alcohol consumption can be more nuanced that just chugging beer.

There’s a whole world of beverages to try, each with their own distinct qualities, whether it’s gin, wine, whiskey, or anything else. I’ve become somewhat of mad scientist when it comes to booze. I’m willing to experiment with basically anything anyone puts in front of me, at least once.

If I don’t like it I won’t try it again, and I at least get to mark it off of me “To Try” list. I’ve also discovered that I enjoy locally made liquors than the international brands. There seems to be more attention to detail. If you’re like me and sampling local liquors is a hobby of yours, you might want to check out Minnesota Spirits Fest at The Museum Of Russian Art in Minneapolis.

From 7 PM to 10 PM on March 24th, you can sip on spirits and cocktail samples from Minnesota-based distilleries, and get to know the makers and cocktail shakers behind your favorite local craft liquor brands. Tickets include unlimited samples from over 15 distilleries and cost between $25 and $75.

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