Steppenwolf, YouTube

Their first album that was self-titled, 'Steppenwolf' of 1968 produced a song that took off faster than the speed of light, "Born To Be Wild."

Michael Monarch, YouTube

"Born To Be Wild" was penned by Mars Bonfire who wasn't even a member of Steppenwolf but played in the band The Sparrows (later became Steppenwolf).

The song has been featured in many movies but it got some major notoriety through came from the film, 'Easy Rider' starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper.

The memorable guitar riff comes from lead guitarist Michael Monarch who also made the songs, "Rock Me" and "Magic Carpet Ride" come to life.

Steppenwolf, "Born To Be Wild" in the opening credits of 'Easy Rider' and their performance of the song from 1969:




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