There are so many great classic rock songs, which made it difficult to narrow it down to a mere 500. All this weekend we will be counting down the 500 best classic rock songs all the way down to number one.

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The beautiful thing about classic rock is that most all of it was recorded back when bands had total say in their projects. Record companies weren't locked into their "formula" crap yet.  This is why classic rock bands are so different and unique.

Great bands like Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Ozzy would probably not fit into the mold of music the record companies were putting out later on.  Luckily, in the good ole days bands had complete creative control. Record companies would sign them and send the band off to make their album, the way it should be.


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I'm looking forward to listening to the Memorial Day 500 countdown just to compare all the different rock sounds. Progressive rock, a little punk, psychedelic, southern rock, etc. We'll be covering it all this weekend on the Loon.

The countdown will run right up until just before 7 PM Monday with David Black introducing the #1 song. Gee, I wonder what it will be?

The Loon Memorial Day 500 Countdown of the best 500 classic rock songs ever recorded is dedicated to all the front line and essential people working to get us through this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.  Thank you, YOU ROCK!

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