In today's music world "super-groups" is quite common, and in the Metal world you see it more often than most other genres.Why is this?  Well, these guys hate down time and it's necessary to do it to make a living nowadays as the live music scene and record sales are tough.  The fans benefit by getting to hear these guys work together.  On the downside, some of these projects are put together quickly and the bands have no time to really gel as a unit.  Deathdealer is NOT one of those projects.

First of all here's the lineup:

Sean Peck (Cage, Empires of Eden) - Vocals.
Stu Marshall (Empires of Eden, ex-Dungeon, Paindivision) - Guitar.
Ross the Boss (ex-Manowar, Dictators, Manitoba) - Guitar.
Rhino (ex-Manowar, Holy Hell, Angels of Babylon) - Drums.
Mike Davis (Halford, ex-Lizzy Borden) - Bass.

In Metal circles these guys are well-known players of the new generation of Metal that got going in the late 90's.  The one exception is Ross The Boss who was an original member of Manowar.  Anything he's involved with is going to get attention.  "Rhino" was also in Manowar, but they were not in band at the same time.

Sean Peck is from the California based Power Metal band Cage who has consistently gained momentum since the late 90's and one of a handful of American bands carrying the torch of Metal forward.  Peck's voice has only gain strength and diversity, he has the range (and then some) of Rob Halford, the creepy falsetto of King Diamond and in the last few years he's added a death metal scream that will give you chills.

Stu Marshall is actually from Australia and a major player in their budding Metal Scene.  Mike Davis is a monster bass player and good enough to make Rob Halford's solo band, so that says a lot right there.

Now that I've set up the lineup, can they live up to it?  Yes, and then some.  The songs are what you expect fast, furious Power Metal with big hooks.  "Never To Kneel", "Warmaster",  "Hammer Down" and the title track are anthems for the ages.

What I appreciated about the release is that it's not a complete clone of the European style.  For non-Metalheads (God help them) it will all sound the same.  But these guys have a few different elements and production values that set them apart.  "Heads Spikes Walls" is one example of them trying some different backing vocals styles that add a certain gothic feel to the music.

They're not re-inventing the wheel here, but they're making is a lot fucking stronger.  In one release they have poised themselves as a force to be reckoned with.  Any fan of Metal must have this masterpiece.