Metallica announced that their new pilsner beer, named Enter Night after their classic song “Enter Sandman,” would go on general sale across the U.S., with launches in other parts of the world to follow.

The 7.5% beverage had been available since September in venues during the band’s recent tour dates, and also at outlets nearby. Described as a “crisp and refreshing pilsner that, much like the band, transcends genres, shatters preconceptions and challenges convention,” it was created in collaboration with brewers Arrogant Consortia.

The pilsner type of lager beer originated in 1842 in the city of Pilsen, Bohemia, now Germany. The world’s first blond beer, international modifications helped develop it into the modern pale lager, of which Enter Night is an example.

“It’s certainly been no secret, but we are beyond excited to make the official announcement and introduction to Enter Night Pilsner, our collaboration with Arrogant Consortia​, a Stone Brewing imprint,” Metallica said in a statement. “If you’ve been to one of our recent arena shows, you may have sipped from the black and red cans or even picked up a few in the surrounding neighborhoods. Now we’re expanding nationwide, and come spring, taking it international covering Europe, Australia, China and beyond!”

Geographic availability information can be found at the beer’s finder page, while Stone Brewing also offer a range of Enter Night shirts for sale. Last year, Metallica launched their Blackened whiskey, which used a playlist of the band’s own music in an effort to affect the flavor of the drink. In 2015 they released a limited-edition beer in association with Budweiser.



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