There are very few bands in the history of rock-n-roll that have made the impact on the genre that The Rolling Stones have. Mick Jagger’s roaring vocals and showmanship alongside Keith Richard’s legendary guitar riffs make for an incredible combination.

Unfortunately, unless you have a small fortune to spend to go see them play on the rare occasion they’re actually on tour, you probably won’t get a chance to see them (not to mention – they’re getting old. I’m surprised they’re even still together.) But don’t fret, you still have the opportunity to see all of their classic tunes played live.

The one and only Mick Sterling and his band will be performing a tribute to The Rolling Stones at the Le Musique Room in St. Michael. The show will be taking place on Friday, November 17th at 8 pm. You can get a ticket online now for only $31.

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