Only a handful of singer-songwriters are instantly identifiable in my opinion. Among them Elton John, Bob Dylan, John Mayer, Prince, and Stevie Wonder. Another name that definitely belongs on that list is the one and only – Billy Joel.

Personally, I’ve always liked Billy in a really weird way. He has such a quirky and unique style that it’s hard not to give the man some love. I think it’d be fun to go see him play live at some point in my life, but there’s only one problem with that – I’m an introvert and I hate crowds, and we all know that if Billy Joel ever came to town the venue would be packed with thousands of people.

No thanks. However, there is a good alternative if you’d still like to see all of his classic songs played live. Mick Sterling will be performing a Billy Joel tribute concert at the Le Musique Room in St. Michael on November 3rd. The show kicks off at 8 pm and you can snag a ticket online now for $31.

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