WAITE PARK -- A Waite Park child care support group has picked up a major grant.

Milestones has been awarded $180,000 from the Minnesota Department of Human Services to help develop training and support for unlicensed family, friends and neighbors that provide daycare.

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Child Care Aware Program Director Marcia Schlattman says the training will depend on unmet needs.

People need a different things. Would they be interested in having some training to help manage behaviors? Do they need some information about what to do with a biter? Are they looking for information about childcare, child development in general, what should I expect for children at different times? So training is certainly a piece we're looking at offering.

The grant will also be used to develop culturally appropriate training and resources to promote children’s health and safety. To accomplish that goal, Milestones will partner with Promise Neighborhood and Central Minnesota Community Empowerment.

Schlattman says the partnership will help reach children where they are.

Rather than us saying, we're going to hire someone and we want you to help us get connected in the community, we have said you are already connected in your community, here's how we're going to work together to provide you the resources you need.

The $180,000 grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services was made possible through the federal Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act and the American Rescue Plan Act.

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