Minnesota represent!

The results are in for the U.S. edition of the “Here & Now” Monopoly board!

Pretty predictable that New York, Los Angeles and Chicago all ended up with spots on the board, but not so predictable – Waconia, Minnesota.  Yes.

From what I’ve been reading, there was a write-in category to give some smaller towns across the U.S. a chance to earn a square, but the funny thing is, no one seems to know how Waconia ended up getting one.

People have been asking the mayor, Jim Sanborn and he didn’t even know about the contest.  He’s also been doing some digging and has yet to come up with an answer on who was responsible for the vote.  Let the detective work begin!!  lol

Someone has got to come forward at some point and claim it, right?  In the meantime, after passing GO on the new board, you may find yourself landing, smack-dab on Waconia.  Pretty sweet!

Pierre, South Dakota made a big push to get residents to vote and ended up claiming Boardwalk and Minnesota represents once again with Minneapolis sitting where Park Place would normally be.

Look for the U.S. edition of Monopoly’s “Here & Now” board this fall!


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