First Avenue is a place that is kind of sacred to the people of Minneapolis, and all of Minnesota, really.  Prince is the first artist that comes to mind.  But there have been a whole host of others.  You name it, anything from alt rock, rock, regional, and many other bands have either played here or have gotten their start playing this venue.

Minneapolis Area Mourns Death Of Native Son Prince
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They would like to keep up with the times and go green.  Save the planet.  It's going to start with the drinking straws.  You order a drink, you aren't going to get a straw.  Seems silly.  We aren't even near any large body of water... well the Mississippi, and of course, the land of 10,000+ lakes, but not the ocean.  And to be honest, that is immediately what my mind goes to when thinking of being green as far as our bodies of water go.

I need to change my thinking, obviously.


But will eliminating the straws really do anything?  Well, apparently yes.  There have been quite a few campaigns across the nation to "stop sucking" referring to the straw usage.  How about coated straws?  Would that be ok?  Better than plastic.  And what about the plastic cups?  Maybe those are more recyclable? Seems like if you are getting rid of the plastic straws, you should get rid of the plastic cups too.  Right?

I guess it's a start...but I like a straw.  So for now, if you would like a straw with your drink, you can ask for one.  But once they are gone... they're gone.

For me... maybe beer is a better choice.

Burgeoning Craft Beer Industry Creates Niche Market For Limited Release Beers
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Cheers and go green!

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