Minnesota.  Sometimes I think we can get  down on ourselves when it comes to sports.  We have the famous "almost", "next year", "hey, look how far we got  this season" types of sayings.  And not just with the Vikings.  It seems to happen with the Twins, Timberwolves and definitely with the Wild.  But we all keep cheering on our favorite teams and hold out hope that "next year will be better".

Los Angeles Rams v Minnesota Vikings
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This year, sports has been the big question mark.  Not just in Minnesota, but all over the country.  It's been all put on hold.  Only just this week have we seen some glimmer of hope with the MLB, but still no fans... mostly.

Forbes has come out with the top sports cities.

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The number one city was Boston, not surprising.  Number 2 is Philly, number 3 is the San Francisco Bay area.  Number 4 is Chicago, again, not that surprising.  And rounding out the top 5 is Minneapolis.  As I looked at the top 10, Green Bay doesn't even come into play.  So I had to look at what they were looking at top make up the top cities.  Some of the factors included how many professional teams the city has.  Green Bay, for instance, only has one going with the Packers.  So, bye!  Not even a contender.

Minneapolis has the Vikings, Wolves, Twins and Wild.  We have a total of 3 championships, oldest team and debut year- Twins, 1901.  And the famous rally cry is the SKOL chant.  If I had been asked what I thought was the famous rally cry I would have thought it was a toss up between the Twins song and the SKOL Vikings song.  SKOL wins that one.  But because of the 4 teams in one city, we are in the top 5.  Check out who and why the other cities are here


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