When you go biking...I mean on a pedal bike... generally you grab your helmet, decent shoes, some shorts that will keep you from chafing, and maybe a pet dog.  By the way, these things are all optional.  You don't HAVE to have a helmet, and the other things are just for comfort.  And the dog will get some exercise too.

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But is a shirt optional?  The general answer is yes, a shirt is optional....for men. And this just in... apparently, it's optional for women too.  Who knew??

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In an article from KARE 11, a woman from Minneapolis, Helena Howard, says that she thinks it's ridiculous that only men should be able to bike topless on a hot day.  As she says "they're just nipples".  Well, as that may be true for some, it isn't true for everyone.  It might just be nipples for a person that is not very well endowed, but for others, it is definitely more than just nipples. With that said... I have seen quite a few men that also look like they should be wearing something to hold that in as well.  But, whateves.  We aren't talking about that...right now.

Is there actually a law against this?  One would think yes, it's indecent exposure, right?  No so fast.  Evidently it's only illegal in a park.  What?  Yep.

So, knowing that the law is only written regarding parks, then she just makes sure that when she bikes, she isn't in any Minnesota park.

Cue law being revised in 3...2...1...

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