The Oscar nominations were announced yesterday.  Of course most of the movies up for awards are movies that I have not yet seen.  And when the nominations come out - generally there is a uptick at the theatre with people to seeing the movies that are up for awards.  Tha way they can make their own judgements on whether or not they feel that the movie or actor/actress, along with any of the supporting cast, directors, cinematography, music score, visual effects, etc, are worthy of an Oscar.

Also, whatever movie wins best picture will suddenly have mass popularity at the theatre.  Sometimes the movies that have been nominated haven't barely made it to the theatre.  It's all about timing.

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As we talk about the Minnesota connection to the Oscars, in this case, we are talking about the music, and the original song nod.

From KARE 11:

Minnesota native, Semisonic frontman Dan Wilson earns Oscar nod for Best Original Song

The Semisonic frontman, who's worked with artists from Taylor Swift to John Legend, is nominated for Best Original Song for "It Never Went Away," with Jon Batiste.
The movie that the song is included in is based on the experiences that Jon Batiste and his wife, Suleika Jaouad, went though during her battle with cancer/remission/cancer/bone marrow transplant/new lease on life. The Netflix documentary is titled "American Symphony".

Batiste did release a statement when the song, that accompanies the film was released.

"describes a love that survives all conditions of the physical world." 

"It raises the question of our mortality, while evoking the lasting quality of our deepest desires. That part of us that protests against the evils of the physical world is, in fact, evidence of our perpetual nature," 

Now, I'm wanting to go to Netflix and make sure that I watch this documentary which seems as though ti will be both inspiring and heartwarming.

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