Minnesota was recently ranked in the top 5 best places to raise a family. I've raised my kids in Kentucky and in Minnesota. Maybe it's because I'm from Minnesota, but I always longed for my kids to be with me here in the great state of Minnesota.  Maybe you're wondering what makes Minnesota among the best places in America to raise kids. Here are the many reasons why raising your kids in Minnesota is a great idea.

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This is good news for those wanting to raise a family here. Minnesota was in the very top five states along with 1. Utah, 2. North Dakota, 3. New Jersey, and 4. Hawaii.

The states with the highest in separation and divorces included 46. Mississippi, 47. Louisianna, 48. Florida, 49. New Mexico and 50. Nevada.


Although poverty is a problem no matter how big or small the problem is anywhere in our country, Minnesota was ranked number 2 in this category, along with 1. New Hampshire, 3. Maryland, 4. North Dakota, and 5. Hawaii.

Poverty is a serious problem in the states of 46. West Virginia, 47. Kentucky, 48. Louisianna tied with New Mexico and coming in last place was Mississippi.


For making money, we also happen to be in a pretty great place. Wages in our state aren't bad. Minnesota was ranked number 1 in this category, followed by 2. Virginia, 3. Illinois, 4. New Jersey, and 5. Maryland.

If you think that Oregon seems like a beautiful place to live, you might be right, but you also might be making a lot less money than you deserve.  The bottom states were 46. Oregon, 47.Maine, 48. California, 49. West Virginia and 50. New Mexico.

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