We have all heard about "Minnesota Nice".   And apparently, other states agree with that assumption.

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Recently there was a poll regarding which state is the most hated and which state is the least hated.  I'm not sure why Minnesota wouldn't be further up the list on the least hated, but it's close.  The only reason I can think of as to why Minnesota would be a "hated" state would be some of the Winter weather and the cold.  But some people actually really like that condition.  But I'm not sure if anyone likes mosquitos.  And we get those in droves!  Pesky little buggers.  According to this poll, Minnesota comes in at a solid #38 of the least hated states.  Almost in the top 10, but not quite.

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The criteria that went into this poll was the number of people who move out of the state, pride of your home state, and oddly enough, Instagram posts of hatred posted toward any specific state.

The friendliest state- according to this poll- was Idaho.  Well, what's not to like, right?  It's pretty innocuous.  Other than potatoes, what do you have?  And the most hated state was... drum roll.... NEW JERSEY!  This state was shown to have the "rudest drivers in the United States".  Well then...

What did they say about Minnesota?  Not much, actually.  Maybe that's why it's not quite in the top 10 of least hated states.  The population change (people moving out) was just below 10%.  Other states that hate Minnesota- none.  State Pride was at 61%.  That could be higher, but it's more than half.  And population of other states that hate Minnesota- none.  Not sure how that is different than stating how other states compared to the population of states.  But whatever.  I'll take it.

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