For two years we have been seeing masks in most big box stores.  Even when it was not required- and only suggested - for guests in the stores, employees still were required to wear a mask while working.  This did include all Target stores.  From my experience in Target stores, I rarely saw any customers wearing masks.  Of course, occasionally there were some people, but mostly it's just been the employees.

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That mask requirement is now changing.  Target Corporation made this statement on their website regarding the coronavirus response and community support:

As COVID-19 cases continue to decline across the country, Target will not require our U.S. team members or guests to wear masks, as local regulations allow. We’ll follow all state and local COVID-19 safety regulations and encourage our team members and guests to consult the latest public health guidance, get vaccinated and make decisions to keep themselves and their families safe.

As far as any vaccination requirements go, they added this statement:

We continue to believe that getting vaccinated is the best way to protect against the COVID-19 virus, and we’re supporting our communities by partnering with CVS locations within Target stores to offer vaccines to guests and team members.

We’ll continue to listen to the guidance of public health experts and evolve our COVID-19 response to help our team members and guests navigate these uncertain times.

So, no, no one is required to receive a vaccination, but if you would like one, they are available through the pharmacy inside the stores- which is a CVS partner.

Of course, we hope that we see the END of this pandemic.  I think it's safe to say that everyone is pandemic weary.  Here's to staying healthy, and it looks like the future is moving in the right direction... finally.

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