The power of social media.  Can be good, can be pretty awful, too.


This BBQ place is located in Jordan, a little South of the Twin Cities.  It's near Shakopee and Burnsville.  And a seemingly innocuous Tweet from a Minnesota sportscaster went viral. And not at all for a good reason.  And this is so unfortunate because this is a relatively new business, and with the restaurant climate as it is, it's a tough go.  And this isn't helping.

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Here's the issue- this Tweet said nothing bad about the restaurant, Linsey's BBQ. in fact, the person who posted the Tweet said he was excited to try the BBQ ribs.  The problem was the picture that he took and included with the ribs.  To the culinary world, they looked overdone and not nearly had enough sauce on them. And there was a LOT of backlash and sharing of the "not up to par" ribs.  This was not said by the original person who posted the picture, however.

This is a place that local people really love to go and hang out. In fact, the owner, Linsey Green mentioned that people love to come there to eat and have a great time.  Atmosphere is good.  Food is good too. Regular patrons of the resturant give the restaurant rave reviews.

...the chicken nachos are the best ever... amazing queso...pork belly and brisket are amazing...

Checking their Facebook page, I can see that the pizza there looks amazing too.  And they do have several pics of different dishes that they serve.  So, maybe head on to Linsey's BBQ and Grill in Jordan before passing judgement with no personal experience.

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