When the coffee shops around St. Cloud moved to the Pumpkin Spice Latte time of the year people were saying that it was too early.  Wasn't it like middle or end of August?  That does seem a bit early.  But people were definitely up for it.  Caribou has run out of anything pumpkin spice related.  They do say that every year the PSL season goes until the supplies are gone.  And that, apparently, is now.

Starting this Thursday, tomorrow, Caribou is rolling out their holiday flavors along with the new cup designs.  There are the favorites like Ho Ho Mint Mocha, Fa La Latte and spicey mocha.  Plus three new cup designs, and some popular food items. Including the Maple Waffle Breakfast Sandwich which is a favorite every year, and Gingerbread which will be in the bakery case.

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These cool (or warm) hand warmers and cup designs are available tomorrow.

If you are already doing some holiday shopping, there will also be the seasonal holiday gifts available for the coffee lover on your list.  If you like grinding your own coffee, beans in the holiday flavors will be available along with the pre-ground option.

New this year is the subscription option.  If you really love this coffee, that might be the thing for you.  Here is how that works:

Subscription's members have the option to select from beans to K-Cup® Pods, teas and canned beverages, all packed directly at our roastery and delivered fresh, straight to your door.

So if you have been looking forward to some seasonal coffee selections for the holidays, that time has come beginning tomorrow, November 4.

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