Minnesota has plenty of funny people, but our own Mary Mack may just be the funniest I've seen. She was on Conan recently with a hilarious stand up act.

I've really started enjoying comedy more over the last year thanks to hosting comedy night at Benton Station on Saturdays, and a ton of Minnesota comedians have come there. I don't know how these people can keep a crowd laughing for an hour, but they DO it, and I envy them for that ability.

There's something different about Mary Mack as you'll see in the video. She's not raunchy, but very sweet and innocent. If she didn't look like she does, or have the squeaky voice she wouldn't be half as funny. You can't help but love the way she makes fun of her Minnesota/Wisconsin life. That combination is perfect for her act and I hope to get a chance to see her at a live comedy show someday. Enjoy!

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